19 Apr 16
There's no time for games when it comes to mobile gaming apps performance. minimob knows the business well and joins the Games Developers Conference (GDC) series to share insights and experiences with the world's gaming professionals.   
San Francisco, USA
16 Mar 2016 - 18 Mar 2016

19 Apr 16
Great aesthetics and latest technology define famous Swiss watches. Pure art of making and best ingredients are combined in branded Swiss chocolate. It's time to introduce the fine art of mobile advertising through a high-end technology platform that keeps building its own reputation.  
Zurich, Switzerland
13 Apr 2016 - 14 Apr 2016

19 Apr 16
minimob joins this "incredibly refreshing" event and fully embraces the "crossing borders" philosophy of 'above-access' mobile advertising. 
London, United Kingdom
10 Mar 2016 (All day)

18 Apr 16
The leading mobile advertising platform joins forces with the premier event for the mobile apps ecosystem in Israel. minimob sponsors the Israel Mobile Summit for the 2nd year and heads to Tel Aviv for lots of meetings, business and networking. Join us @ Israel Mobile Week. 
Tel Aviv, Israel
14 Jun 2016 (All day)

18 Apr 16
You don't need to give great concerts to be a rockstar and deliver your greatest hits in front of massive audiences. You just need to deliver great results for apps and hit the right targets through well-designed campaigns. Here's minimob, this generation's mobile advertising rockstar. 
Hamburg, Germany
25 Mar 2016 - 26 Mar 2016

18 Apr 16
The leading performance-based mobile advertising platform gears up for a massive GMIC Beijing and grows its well-deserved reputation in China’s market. 你好 
Beijing, China
28 Apr 2016 - 2 May 2016

18 Apr 16
minimob sponsors Apps World Germany in Berlin and shares insights on how to build an effective mobile marketing strategy, optimize app advertising campaigns and use video ads to maximize user acquisition. 
Berlin, Germany
20 Apr 2016 - 21 Apr 2016

21 Mar 16
It's fair to say that the GSMA, has through the decades managed to steer the good ship Mobile quite a long distance. From the scratchy, broken voiced signals of yesteryear, to today's hyper-rich, multi-media laden, App-driven world of super-slick smartphones.

And with the promise of a 5, 6 and even 7G tomorrow; we are all to be adorned with virtual reality (VR) accoutrements and cosseted by our unthinkingly inter-connected IoT World of wearables, something that was pretty-much unforeseen a decade ago.

So, it is certainly a proud -- and yet now a palpably true, boast that: "Mobile is Everything". For its part, the Minimob performance-marketing crew was out in full force to absorb this massive upscale in focus.

From the slightly insular world inhabited by Mobile Operators (and their adoring telecommunications infrastructure vendors) to the disconcerting and disruptive force that is OTT. It’s an industry change exemplified by "App Planet", probably more so than in any other Hall at the Fira Gran Via (and that also includes the seemingly shrinking 'Innovation City').

The buzz was truly intense, the activity and revenue growth from the companies exhibiting therein highly significant -- and with multi-hundred million dollar deals (and even billion dollar deals, like those for Opera Software) being done in real time; the various ad-tech exhibitors on display, were and are: much like Minimob, shaping the future of the mobile industry.

Why is that?

In a word, choice. Mobile subscribers and smartphone owners today are spoilt for choice. They can happily - almost unconsciously - choose whichever operator (SIM card) they like, whichever network they need (3G, 4G - or increasingly ubiquitous WiFi hotspots) and, more often than not, whatever App-delivered service (games, music, sports, lifestyle, utility, payment etc.) they wish, to enhance their lives - all in real time. And given this unfettered environment, they have been showered in Apps. Effectively, smartphone owners can select from more than 3.5 million ways to enjoy their 'me time', navigate cities and fine tune their day-to-day lifestyle.

And if your business depends on this competitive dynamic, then rising to prominence -- or being more easily 'discovered' becomes an important strategy for all those publishers who aim to monetize their efforts in the App market.

Minimob provides a fast track to make this happen. Being judged only on performance, or measurable results, differentiates present-day providers from a 'lost era' of display advertising vendors that are gradually fading from view as platforms need to become more accountable for their ad-related work.

As the evidence mounts from the GSMA and others, proving the case that 'mobile is everything' in this day and age is not exactly difficult; however, showing a rapid route to mobile monetization remains truly challenging. And in a Hall full of ad networks, apps and even advertisers; Minimob stood tall, with its stand garnering both attention and admiration.

Most crucially however, it's the platform's pioneering performance-based marketing proposition that represents the future of mobile advertising in a world where categorically 'mobile is performance'.

10 Feb 16
Minimob works for gaming apps. Gaming industry professionals will meet up with the team in the upcoming Casual Connect and explore best ways to optimize their mobile advertising efforts through the minimob platform.  
Amsterdam, Netherlands
16 Feb 2016 - 18 Feb 2016

10 Feb 16
Polish market experts gather to network and discuss trends in the mobile industry. Minimob joins with an expo booth to share do's and dont's for the local and international market. Mobile advertising gets enabled. 
Krakow, Poland
18 Feb 2016 - 19 Feb 2016