22 Oct 12
InternetQ weathers the storm in a year of significant change - and charts a new course for smooth sailing.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Mobile industry in Indonesia has been the complex nature of its 'regulation'. In particular, the fallout from the so-called Black October (2011) cessation of mobile subscription services. This has slowed business down to a crawl for service providers across the country and yet, InternetQ has skilfully managed to weather the storm – and even prosper further, in an environment that has seen other players simply go out of business.

Likewise, MEF Asia the industry association -- of which InternetQ is an integral part -- responded positively to the industry regulator’s (known as the BRTI) call for feedback on their 'new' draft regulations which pertain to forthcoming stipulations set to be approved by Parliament.

In an initial 43-page submission and subsequent follow-up, the MEF Asia Working Group -- which InternetQ is proactively Chairing -- has carefully & with cultural insight from its local membership; offered considered viewpoints that address some of the key concerns rendered in the proposed law.

For the past year, the MEF Working Group has had regular meetings and conference calls, and also used Basecamp collaboration software globally, to put together a library of documentation and knowledge sharing that has since been formally rendered as the official MEF response to the crisis.

Going forward, the next step for MEF Asia is to undertake a cooperative industry effort in order to produce a viable set of voluntary best practice in the form of a "Code of Conduct" for mobile service providers in Indonesia. The imminent return of subscription services is deemed a major plus as the year draws to a close – and companies look to 2013 with optimism.

28 Sep 12
MEF presents Visions of the Mobile Future in a Glass Building

InternetQ took full advantage of its recent invite to the MEF CEO Summit – sitting atop London’s glassy City Hall amongst more than 80 high-ranking executives from the industry; to enjoy both a panoramic view of London – and some highly disruptive viewpoints of the industry we all champion.

First to come through-the-looking-glass was Brendan Eich, Co-Founder & CTO, Mozilla, who offered insight with his talk on ‘Bringing the Open Web to Mobile’. Effectively telling us that handsets no longer need full operating systems (just use Web APIs) and as such, the World can now easily sidestep App Stores & proprietary vendors (namely Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc.) if it sees fit.

The magnitude of that sort of prognosis was challenged by attendees of course, but the tech itself has been adopted by big names including; Facebook, Telefonica, Twitter and probably most famously the Financial Times. Shortly after, Sergey Nevstruev, VP Mobile, Kaspersky Lab, ran through some impressive slides concerning 'Mobile Security in Reality' which threw a few stones at Android's progression, due to the exponential increase in malware. Sergey jauntily told us that in May 2011, Android accounted for 4.98% of mobile threats logged by them, yet in March 2012, it shattered records with a startling 80% of mobile threats detected.

The visionary finish was quite controversial and a little scary given it was contrarian in nature and yet, backed-up with hard evidence. Independent investor Richard Kramer, who is Managing Director, Arete Research, delivered an impassioned pitch entitled: Barking Up The Wrong Trees – to highlight that the industry would be best described as a layman’s Mirage: whereby it looks like handset makers (and even most MNO’s) are doing fine, but in truth and upon careful reflection, he predicts only 2 out of 8 handset companies will be profitable in 2013. Let’s see!

27 Jul 12
In the race for Gold, it's clear that momentum is growing for the rapid deployment of InternetQ's 'in demand' services; the Olympic era of Social Entertainment is upon us. Hot-on-the-heels of record revenues reported for the first half of 2012, InternetQ has further secured a placement totalling GBP6m (EUR$7.7) to fully leverage the amazing market opportunity that now presents itself globally.

Frankly, the starter's pistol is raised and there is no time to waste. With the recent massive jump in demand for the company's innovative digital media services across Eastern Europe, Latin America, Sub Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia (where mobile subscribers are increasing at a truly phenomenal rate) the company remains athletically on the fast-track to achieving Gold in multiple disciplines:

  • Ensuring speedy expansion in Sub-Sahara Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, with sustained deployment across this energetic footprint.
  • Enhancing connectivity infrastructure with telecom providers across the globe providing the foundation for the great leap into Emerging markets
  • Engaging in additional working capital projects for both the mobile marketing and AKAZOO platforms, raising the bar on a scale not seen before.
  • Evincing technology investment in infrastructure and new product development across the Company's operations, getting these products & services over the finish line.

One thing is for sure, the Olympic spirit is alive and well at InternetQ -- and a Gold medal finish is fully on the cards. Our motto? Faster, higher, stronger!

25 Jun 12
InternetQ PLC Annual General Meeting 2012
London, UK
29 Jun 2012 (All day)

The Annual General Meeting of InternetQ PLC is to be held on Friday 29 June 2012 at 2:30pm (London time) at Clyde & Co LLP, Beaufort House, 15 St Botolph Street, London, EC3A 7NJ.

To download the AGM Notice and Proxy Form, please click the relevant links below.  
To view the Company's Annual Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2011, please click here.
For enquiries, please click here
20 Jun 12
Akazoo Matters in Music Matters, May 23 - 26, 2012, Singapore

The great and the good of Asia's music and entertainment industry, including our very own Colin Miles, descended to Singapore’s Clarke Quay for the 7th annual Music Matters conference, held 23-26 May. InternetQ was there to meet music experts from Asia and the rest of the world; so this proved a great opportunity to network, catch-up, exchange ideas and of course, tell people about our social music service, Akazoo. The event attracted more than 1,200 participants from close to 400 companies from 30 countries (a much bigger turnout than last year). There were more than 170 speakers, 100+ journalists, 33 sponsors and 81 media and industry association partners.
The event offered a great stage for telling InternetQ’s social entertainment story which focuses on music to an influential audience. Colin Miles, moderated a MEF panel on Mobile Apps which had a wide-ranging discussion as to the importance and impact of Apps, how far they might go and their monetisation strategies. The cut-and-thrust included a real-time debate between Joe Jasin, Vice President, Corporate Development, Polaroid and the MD of Getty images who was sat in the audience -- as well as a cultural diversion on how Apps can help goat rearing in Bangladesh!
This five-day event is already recognised as the highlight of the conference calendar in Singapore. Primarily because it has truly lofty Hollywood level production values, a stellar cast list of high profile Anglo-American music industry speakers and, it is clearly an event that brings the best of Asia to the surface, in particular (this time around) with Korea & it's K-POP contingent, led by rapper DunkenTiger. Events rolled seamlessly from day into night - with more than 40 bands performing live across venues in Singapore.
This year's keynote speaker list included heavyweights such as John Meglen, president and co-CEO, Concerts West/AEG Live; Bob Lefsetz, the World's Most Read Music blogger; Troy Carter, manager of Lady Gaga and CEO and Founder, Atom Factory and Erik Johnson, Vice President, Facebook. Lefsetz was on typically lively form during his keynote address/interview. “The best and the brightest do not go into the music industry, because they do not make money,” he opined. He was equally confrontational with Spotify Chief Content Officer Ken Parks saying he hates having to access Spotify through Facebook because of the social network’s lack of privacy. “You have to change your settings each time you log on to hide your song choices.” It all added to the vivacious debate.
The show also included insightful presentations in the Gaming Matters Stream on how to monetise the business successfully, as well as some interesting announcements like the creation of the Singapore Music Society “a non-profit entity that supports artistry, business and production by developing skills, advocacy and opportunities.”

Music Matters for Akazoo! To learn more about InternetQ's proprietary social entertainment platform, click here

15 Jun 12
The Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan
This year marked the 57th anniversary of the global phenomenon that is The Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The contest attracted an estimated 125 million viewers for Saturday’s final alone, in which 26 European countries out of the 42, qualified to participate. Turkish and Greek viewers had particular reason to thank us, as we developed part of the SMS voting system, giving 85 million subscribers in those countries a chance vote for their favourite.
For the 2012 shows, Digame was again appointed by the European Broadcasting Union to develop the worldwide televoting system, which would allow viewers to cast their votes either by text message or over the phone. InternetQ provided the SMS voting mechanism using the MobiDialog platform, capable of handling extremely high volumes to deliver the votes in Greece and Turkey during the semi-finals on 22 and 24 May and again for the grand final on 26 May. 
Through the platform viewers could send the number of their favourite song to a five-digit shortcode during a 15-minute window on each of the three days of the event. The platform received over 1200 SMS per second, which were then forwarded in real time to the central processor, to generate the final results. 
“Working with Digame on the Eurovision has been demanding and incredibly rewarding. It required precision accuracy, speed and efficiency due to the limited implementation time,” explained Ioannis Liaropoulos, Business Director of Media Operations at InternetQ. “The project has been a resounding success and means we have a new and satisfied client.” 
23 May 12
Music Matters for Akazoo!
23 May 2012 - 26 May 2012

InternetQ will be showcasing its unique proprietary mobile social music platform, AKAZOO, at Music Matters 2012 - the festival set to kick off in Singapore this week. The AKAZOO platform, which is available online and via mobile to consumers internationally, has already launched in 14 countries with a subscriber base of over 2 million. The service will expand to 40 countries including in Asia by the end of 2013, creating an international social music network, comprising of highly localised content.

At the event, participants will get an insight into the rapid growth of AKAZOO around the world and plans for continued expansion throughout Asia during a panel presentation taking place on Thursday, 24 May at 10:10am. The panel will be presented by InternetQ’s VP Corporate Marketing, Colin Miles, who’s also Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF). 
The festival, shortlisted as “Asia’s Best Large Scale Event” at the Asian Conference Awards, will take place on 22–26 May 2012 in the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Hotel. It’s one of the flagship events from the ALL THAT MATTERS series, which also includes Digital Matters and Gaming Matters. This year’s Digital and Music Matters is expected to attract more than 1200 attendees from over 500 companies. The event will feature 170 key industry speakers including Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter. 
To find out how consumers can buy music, store downloads, stream, play, and meet new people, please visit:
For enquiries or to request a meeting with our Akazoo experts at this event, please click here.
12 Apr 12
InternetQ confirms strong new business pipeline for both mobile marketing and AKAZOO

To view the announcement, please follow the link below

3 Apr 12
Viva Barcelona! We are of course talking about the Mobile World Congress which has grown to become one of the largest technology trade shows in the world.

This year, the Mobile World Congress again broke attendance records, as more than 67,000 attendees and 1,400 leading companies from 205 countries, including InternetQ, showcased how they are ‘redefining mobile’.

One of the liveliest halls was undoubtedly the App Planet. Mobile and internet Apps are changing the way that consumers and operators live and work so it’s fitting that InternetQ’s products and services were featured along with 12,500 Apps at the show.  The hall was a great venue for developers and mobile professionals to gain knowledge and connect and network with other major Apps "influencers”.

If you were lucky enough to be at the show, we hope you had a chance to stop by our booth B26. Our location, near the entrance proved a great success. The sore feet from standing up so much was well worth the effort as we met with over 400 companies from the mobile industry from operators and handset manufacturers to media companies, advertisers and journalists. Along with worn out shoes and a few weary eyes over the four days of the show, we came back with new friends, potential partnerships and the prospect of new business from all over the globe.

This year, apart from promoting our Mobile VAS services such as mega promos and loyalty programmes, etc., through our MobiDialog platform, there was a great deal of interest in our social music platform, Akazoo and how it uses music to create opportunities for operators and brands. This generated a real buzz at the stand and led to a heavy flow of traffic of companies that were interested in learning how they could collaborate with us to offer Akazoo. Take a look for yourselves!



• Here’s a short video of the stand.
• Akazoo also attracted interest from the world’s media including T3, Global Telecoms Business and Mobile Europe who interviewed us at the stand.
The Party!
We also organised a party during the MWC 2012 for potential partners, suppliers and other friends from the event. The party broke all previous attendance records and proved to be the hot ticket for the evening.

If you came and visited us or helped in any way to make the show so successful – thank you! Tell us about your experiences at the MWC and if you didn’t get a chance to pop by, contact us at

2 Apr 12

InternetQ, a leading provider of mobile marketing and digital entertainment solutions for mobile network operators and brands, is pleased to report its preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2011.

To download the detailed Results, please follow the link below.