Minimob: Giving the app market a new push

Whilst today is a great day for InternetQ; it's an even better one for app developers and publishers around the world! goes "live" and is available for use on a compelling 'self-service' basis.

Powerful yet easy-to-use, is especially built for those developers needing an instant communication strategy boost for their apps. turns prosaic 'push notification' alerts into valuable and synchronized promotional messages that are truly relevant to the consumer.
Minimob offers a full compliment of always-on cloud-based features allowing for coordinated campaigns, updates and user incentives without any cost to the developer. Minimob is now your global key to generating app response rates and interactivity on an unprecedented scale.
Try it for yourself, a rapid deployment service where mobile marketing sophistication is coupled with pragmatic analytics - to provide the perfect platform for all your future push campaigns.