Mobile Magic as easy as 1, 2, 3…

With a fanfare of sorts, albeit a quick burst of social media posts and re-tweets; serendipitously coinciding with an uplift in the value of the AIM:INTQ share price, we officially re-launched our corporate website.

Simultaneously providing visitors with a much easier to navigate, simpler to comprehend and highly digestible summary of our commercial propositions. The impact of the Cloud, social media and "mobile only" software-as-a-service business strategies has been clearly reflected in the latest articulation of the company's innovative products and solutions. With revenues rising and the innovative platforms delivering more-and-more mobile transactions across the World, the Social Entertainment road-map is an abundant one for us - as well as for our clients and consumers. The website of course, graphically and attractively covers all this news and information in "fuss-free" detail.

That said, a new offspring has now emerged in all the excitement. The groundbreaking push notification platform called Minimob, which has it's very own micro-site encompasses a supremely straightforward solution for developers and publishers to easily communicate in a timely fashion with those who have downloaded their apps, whether or not the apps are being used. The platform simplifies the management of promotions and communications to a point where it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. And in this lively new mobile paradigm, the numbers will truly speak for themselves.